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PSP Vacuum Technology Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of UHV analytical instruments.

X-ray source for XPS
Ar+ Ion source for cleaning samples
Inverse photoemission IPES
Electron multiplier detector hardware and electronics

Electron photoemission (photoelectron ) spectroscopy
Inverse Photoemission (IPES),
Surface Science.

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Support and Service Good after sales support and service are key to our business. We always endeavour to provide the best service we can; knowledgeable and honest advice by email or phone, quick and cost-effective repairs, consumables, spare parts and engineer site visits.

Update your instrumentation
The engineers at PSP have over 30 years experience in surface science and, in addition to our own products, we can offer service and upgrades of a range of instruments from other manufacturers e.g. replacement hemispherical analyser control units, replacement multi-channel detectors and data acquisition software.

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